A variety of furnished accommodations in the proximity of the EU institutions are available to trainees, interns, consultants, managers, etc. Long & short-term contracts available. More than 50 accommodations are at your disposal, situated in rue Goffart, rue du Trône, rue du Viaduc and rue de Trêves – all within 5-10 minutes walk from the European Parliament.


Rent from 450€ - until 575€/ per month
Single / Double bed (Shared parts)


Rent from 650€ - until 885€ / per month
Single / Double bed


Rent from 1100€ - until 1500€/ per month
Single / Double bed

We provide the fastest most reliable & secure high speed internet.



The rental period begins each month on the 1st at 14:00 and ends on the following 1st of the month at 10:00. Rental is granted to one person only per month (from the 1st until 30/31st)even if the Tenant arrives or leaves during the month. The accommodation must be vacated and cleaned by 10:00 on the 1st of the month at the latest.



Rent includes all charges for gas, electricity, water, quota of WiFi and general building maintenance. There is also an insurance for the building, which covers accidents such as fire, water damage, etc. but doesn't extended to your personal items. All tenants that register with the local commune are responsible for the payment of all local, national, regional and communal taxes that they could incur.



Each tenant and staff member is requested to have a courteous and respectful attitude towards each other. The peace and tranquality of the neighbours is also to be respected at all times, especially during the late evening. Exceptions can be made if a request is made a few days prior to the planned gathering.


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